Frequently Asked Questions about Neurofeedback

What are some of the benefits of Neurogen Brain Balancing?

Benefits include improved focus, mental clarity, clearer vision, more restful sleep, increased motivation, decreased anxiety and depression, less irritability, impatience, and anger.

How does it work?
The brain is a complex, sophisticated, bioelectrical system comprised of billions of neurons that control all aspects of the human experience.  Every thought, sensation, movement, and emotion are brought about by the electrical firing of neurons in the brain.   A single neuron firing is imperceptible with EEG, but when billions of them synchronously fire together, waves of bioelectric energy can be detected in the form of brain waves. 

Healthy brain waves are balanced and predictable.  In other words, a balanced brain produces the appropriate brain waves at the appropriate times.  In contrast, brain imbalances occur when the brain is injured or stressed, which can lead to a wide range of symptoms, including depression, chronic pain, ADHD, anxiety, PTSD, lack of focus, and many more.  

The effectiveness of Neurogen HPN stems from its ability to interrupt unhealthy brain wave patterns and stimulate new, healthy ones. Much like rebooting a computer, it stimulates the brain to reset itself and develop new, healthy patterns. 

What should I expect in a typical session?

A typical session begins with the placement of sensors on the head and neck to measure the electrical activity in the brain using an electroencephalograph (EEG) unit. The EEG unit transmits signals to the computer, which responds by sending low-intensity pulses back through the EEG unit to the brain, interrupting irregular patterns, and stimulating new healthy ones – the result is the minimization of unhealthy brain waves and the symptoms associated with them. While improved brain wave patterns can be tracked and documented via EEG, the operation of the system is not dependent upon EEG mapping of any kind.

How many sessions will I need?
The number of sessions will vary from person to person. While it may take only a few sessions to recognize any benefits, it will typically take many sessions for the effects to last. A typical series is 15-20 sessions for adults, while youth usually require less. Initial improvements are often temporary, but due to the cumulative nature of the sessions, the improvements last longer with each session. The good news is that results typically endure and improve over time.
Are there any side effects?

Side effects are rare! However, possible side effects include, but are not necessarily limited to, feeling tired, lightheaded, headaches, or temporary exacerbation of a symptom. Occasionally, individuals may have periods of increased anxiety, increased irritability, or a lack of energy – these are typically short-lived while the brain adapts. If you experience any of these effects, please tell your Neurogen Practitioner, as the sessions can be adjusted to minimize any such reactivity. Staying hydrated and resting may help alleviate these symptoms.

Will I get shocked?

No! The amount of energy is small and very safe. The EEG Amplifier puts out a tiny signal that is equivalent to about 1/100th of the strength of an AA battery, and far below anything a person can feel or detect.

What are brain waves?

At any given time, your brain is buzzing with an abundance of activity. Every thought, sensation, and emotion are brought about by the electrical firings of billions of neurons in your brain. One neuron independently firing is undetectable, but when millions of them fire together, networks of synchronized cycles form waves of neural oscillations, or brain waves, that can be detected with electroencephalography or EEG.  

To learn more, read our blog article What are Brain Waves

Is Neurogen Brain Balancing a medical procedure?

No, it is not considered a medical procedure. Rather, it is considered homeopathic as it stimulates the brain to heal itself.  

Are Neurogen Practitioners medical doctors?

No, Neurogen Practitioners are not medical doctors.  All Neurogen Brain Balancing Practitioners complete an extensive training, apprenticeship, and certification program.

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